EPR/CPE Power Cable with Copper Wire Shield (5kV and 8kV)

EPR/CPE Power Cable with Copper Wire Shield (5kV and 8kV)
UL Type MV-105 133% / 100% Ins. Levels 115 Mils 5kV and 8kV
Product Approvals:
National Electric Code (NEC)
UL 1072
ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC71
ICEA S-97-682
UL Listed as Type MV-105 for use in accordance with NEC
Sizes 1/0 AWG and larger are listed and marked "Sunlight-Resistant FOR CT USE" in accordance with NEC and also meet IEEE 383 (70000 BTU/hr)
IEEE 1202 (70000 BTU/hr)/CSA FT4
Meets EPA 40 CFR part 261 leachable lead content per TCLP method
OSHA acceptable
EPR/CPE Power Cable with Copper Wire Shield (5kV and 8kV) Construction:
EPR/CPE Power Cable with Copper Wire Shield (5kV and 8kV) Features:
Rated at 105°C
Reduced conductor size and shield system provides the smallest premium medium-voltage shielded power cable with full insulation
Smaller outside dimensions reduce the size of duct needed or increase the ampacity per duct
All features contribute to faster and easier installation
nt-fSuperior cold bend and cold impact performance
Stable and constant shield short circuit performance
Excellent heat and moisture resistance
Outstanding corona resistance
Flexibility for easy handling
High dielectric strength
Low dielectric loss
Low moisture absorption
Electrical stability under stress
Chemical and radiation resistant
Sunlight resistant
Meets cold bend test at -55°C
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